"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Iron – Divine Fire

By Oswald J. Smith

    "The world has yet to see," said D. L. Moody, "what God can do through one man wholly surrendered to Him." Moody was anointed, but it was his surrendered life that made him the power he was – in other words, his daily contact with God, when he received a fresh anointing for each new service.

    For instance, here is a fire and here is a piece of iron. Now if I want to get the iron hot I will have to place it near the fire. And if I want to give it an unusual experience the like of which it has never had before, I will plunge it suddenly into the fire and it will become red hot. But that does not meet its need of heat for all time to come. It cannot say, "Now, at last I have had a great experience, wonderful feelings; I am hot and hot for all time to come. And now everything I touch will be hot too." And then, thinking it is self-sufficient, deliberately leave the fire and go out on its mission taking it for granted that all the dross has been burned up and it can now impart its heat wherever it goes. Ah, no! It will soon find itself cold again, and utterly unable to impart heat. What then must it do? It must remain near the fire, and only as it does will it partake of the heat of the fire. Only then can it impart its heat.

    So it is with you, my friend. You may have a great experience. You may partake of the divine fire. You may have wonderful visions and revelations. But unless you are in daily contact with the fire of God’s presence, you will soon be cold and powerless. If the anointing is to remain it will necessitate daily communion and fellowship with the Anointer. The blessing can only be kept by constant contact with the Blesser. There is no easy road. I know of no experience that will last for life. The price must be paid. And the price in this case is daily contact with God. And that price but few will pay. They will seek blessings and manifestations. They will agonize and pray. They will look for visions and revelations. But that daily waiting on God that establishes and settles, they neglect.

    Have you, my friend, a place to meet God? And have you a time? Or are you too busy? Do you observe the Morning Watch, the Quiet Hour? Is Jesus Christ real to you? Do you know Him? You have met Him, of course you have. You met Him when you were converted. But, do you know Him? Have you become acquainted with Him? Do you visit with Him regularly? What does He mean to you? I have met many people but I know only a few. You have to live with people to know them. It takes time to get acquainted. Do you take time? You must walk with God.

    Does He not hunger for communion with His own? Ah, yes! And He wants to meet you every day. And if you are to partake of the divine fire, you will have to contact Him constantly, or you will grow cold. You must walk with God.