"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Divine Tenderness

By Frances Ridley Havergal

    The Gospels are full of Christ’s tenderness. Again and again it gleams out, whether He Himself wept, or whether He said, "Weep not" (Luke 19:41; 23:28) – whether in the tender look, the tender word, or the tender touch of gentlest mercy. There is not room here even for the bare mention of the instances of it; but will you not give a little time to searching quietly for them, so that, reading them under the teaching of the Holy Spirit, you may get a concentrated view of the wonderful tenderness of Jesus, and yield your heart to be moved by it, and your spirit to be so penetrated by it, that you may share it and reflect it?

    Remember that in such a search we learn not only what He did and said, not only what He was, but what He is; and in all His recorded tenderness we are looking into the present heart of Jesus, and seeing what we shall find for ourselves as we have need, for He is this same Jesus today.

    Who that has had any dealings with Christ at all, but must bear witness that He has indeed dealt gently with us. What if He had "dealt with us after our sins"? (Psa. 103:10). But He never did and never will. He has dealt gently and will deal gently with us for His own sake, and according to His own heart. May we not recognize a command in this, as well as a responsibility to follow the example of the gentleness of Christ? Perhaps next time we are tempted to be a little harsh or hasty with an erring or offending one, the whisper will come, "Deal gently, for My sake!" (2 Sam. 18:5).