"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Christ Calls For Laborers

By Lois J. Stucky

    On the streets of a city in Nigeria you will often find Janet, an African lady in her nineties, handing out Gospel literature. Periodically she requests Gospel literature from Herald of His Coming and various other ministries in her eagerness to reach as many as possible "in these end-time days" as she expresses it. Not only is she offering the precious Word of Life to ones who might not receive it otherwise, but it helps keep fervent her love for God and for souls. She writes, "If I don’t have literature to distribute, I think on worldly things, but if I can distribute the Gospel, I don’t have time to think too much about those things."

    Janet is a wise woman to keep eternity’s values in view! "The things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal" (2 Cor. 4:18). God would have us look with spiritual eyes, beyond the "dazzle" of the world that might attract us. Jesus urges us: "Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields…" (John 4:35). If we have eyes to see, there is a harvest of souls that begins right at our doorstep and stretches to the very ends of the earth. And a closer look shows that some of the harvest becomes overripe and falls to the ground forever lost! These were not casual words Christ spoke. They were earnest words that sprang from His compassionate heart as He viewed the people as sheep having no shepherd. His tone must have been even urgent, for He is not willing that any should perish!

    Let us take to heart His further words to pray that God would send forth workers into His harvest (Matt. 9:38). And as we pray let us have listening ears to what He may be saying to us about giving out the Gospel. Is not His call to each of us as He gives us opportunity to share the Gospel? It may be as near as to children in our home or a roommate in a nursing home, or it may be as far as to an unreached people group in the farthest reaches of the world.

    God has given Herald of His Coming open doors to give the Gospel by way of the printed page to people near and far. Could Heralds of Salvation literature be of help to you in sharing the Gospel in your Jerusalem, or Judea or Samaria or in the uttermost parts of the earth? If so, we invite you to write to Herald of His Coming for literature to use. For distribution to unsaved persons, Herald of His Coming has the 8-page paper, RIGHT CHOICE. To warn of the occult, we have TRUTH FOR YOU and for unsaved Jewish people there is HEAR, O ISRAEL.

    We encourage you to go forth prayerfully to whatever area of the field God directs you. Seek the power of the Holy Spirit in your witnessing. Ask the Lord to lead you to the very individuals whom you should approach, and to prepare their hearts to receive your witness.

    A couple experienced in witnessing through the printed page wrote: "Thank you for the carton of RIGHT CHOICE received. This newspaper is our main ‘tract’ used during our weekly open-air outreach on the streets of London. It is very acceptable to people, receiving far fewer rejections than conventional tracts. Although there are risks of attack, we are attempting to reach our 30% Islamic population…."

    Let us pray for those who courageously take great risk in giving the Gospel of Christ because of elements violently opposed to it. In some nations of the world it is a life-threatening risk to share the Gospel of Christ. But has not the Church the command from our God – who has all authority, whose throne rules over all – to go with it into all nations? Surely no other religion has the glorious message to share that Christians have! Truly it is as the song says of the Gospel of Christ – "love’s most wondrous story," a story that instead of growing old, grows more precious the more we think upon it and become enthused in sharing it. Please join us in asking God to save many, many souls through the Herald Salvation paper messengers.

    There are readers overseas who brim over with zeal to share the blessed Gospel story that has enlightened their darkness. How precious it is to have come out of hopelessness and fear into the glorious light of the Gospel! So gladly do they share in the zeal of their gratitude and first love. The gifts of you Herald readers make it possible for us to supply such co-workers with the Salvation papers. Sending your gift is like stretching out your hand with theirs to give the Gospel to ones you could never reach in person! You can have the joy of helping others be free from the soul-destroying darkness in which they dwell.

Praise God —

    * That He privileges His people to be workers together with Him in sharing the blessed Word of Life.

    * For Herald friends who graciously offer supporting gifts and prayers in response to God’s call for laborers.

Please Pray —

    * For outpourings of the Spirit of God to increase the harvest of eternal souls for which heaven longs.

    * For God’s provision through faithful stewards for the increased postage needed since the rise went into effect.

    * For supply of the "meaty" messages needed in the Herald to build up the saints to maintain victorious lives in these perilous end-time days.

    * For workers called and enabled of God to reach to the last tribes and tongues and peoples and nations. Pray for those already braving dangers and privations in earth’s remote places. Ask God to grant perseverance to finish the work He has given them to do.