"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Is Giving Our Best Too Much?

God wants our best. He in the far off ages
Once claimed the firstling of the flock, the finest of the wheat;
He still asks His own, with gentlest pleading,
To lay their highest hopes and brightest talents at His feet.
He’ll not forget the feeblest service, humblest love;
He only asks that of our store we give to Him the best we have!

Christ gave the best. He takes the hearts we offer
And fills them with His glorious beauty, joy and peace,
And in His service as we are growing stronger
The calls to grand achievement still increase.
The richest gifts for us, on earth, or in Heaven above,
Are hid in Christ. In Jesus we receive the best we have.

And is our best too much? O friends, let us remember
How once our Lord poured out His soul for us,
And, in the prime of His mysterious manhood,
Gave up His precious life upon the Cross!
The Lord of lords, by whom the world was made,
Through bitter grief and pain, gave us the best He had!

Author Unknown