"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Together Committed To Spread The Gospel

By Lois J. Stucky

    The Herald of His Coming staff feels richly blessed to be in the fellowship of serving hearts which God has gathered to this ministry to take a part in His gracious purpose that all the world be blessed with the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. Together let us praise the Lord for all He is doing throughout the earth through the multitudes of His faithful ministries, and ask that He will pour revival blessings upon all, that the harvest will exceed all expectations and will satisfy those great hearts above who so deeply love and yearn over the billions who walk this earth!

    And briefly, please consider with us God’s workings in the Herald sector of His vast harvest field. Picture in your mind’s eye those whose hearts He touches to pray for the Herald ministry. These may range from children participating in family worship to the aged confined to a wheelchair or bed. One Herald reader suggests that if many readers would spend five minutes in prayer daily for Herald of His Coming it would be a great boost to the ministry. We heartily endorse that suggestion, and will send a prayer schedule to those who let us know they will commit to pray. Thank you, praying co-laborers!

    How vital are those of the Herald fellowship who unselfishly share of their finances to move the Gospel out! Gifts large and small, given in love to the Lord of the harvest, regularly or now and again, will not lose their reward. God rejoices in the cheerful givers, and we do as well. Thank you! Your gifts cause much thanksgiving to God. One overseas writes: "Receiving the Heralds every month without paying is a big miracle! Our God is a wonderful God!"

    Very helpful are the local volunteers who come in monthly to help package and box or bag the papers, about 90,000 papers monthly, giving them a good send-off to places far and near. God bless them! When the Herald papers reach their destinations, other eager hands receive them for their personal edification or for use in a variety of ways. One received a copy on the day he was starting a week of fasting and it gave him the Scriptures he needed to feed on during the week. Another is encouraged and strengthened in his difficult ministry of street evangelism and preaching in bus stations. A brother who recognizes that the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few wants the Herald to equip him to become a laborer. Another forced to worship in an underground church writes, "We really need Herald of His Coming which revives and helps us stand firm." Pray for him and others living under such a condition.

    Someone from Africa writes, "Muslims have printed more Korans to be shared amongst schools and churches. Because we cannot get Bibles for the people, we are appealing to you to send us Herald papers to be shared amongst Christians." Hurriedly these papers were sent. A pastor from overseas who requested a quantity of Right Choice Salvation Heralds gave one paper from the supply to each person in his church and sent all the people out on the street to evangelize with it, himself taking the lead. Another asked Herald copies for the teenage fellowship he pastors, for Bible study and hospital evangelism. One pastor in Africa has formed a small library where brethren borrow Herald materials and books. Other pastors are coming to use the library as well. One zealous Christian worker treks five or more hours where there are no motor roads to carry the papers to native workers in remote areas, for their encouragement and edification.

    I could go on and on giving lines from letters of precious hearts that are one with us in eagerness to spread the blessed Gospel. There is a place all of us can – and must – fill in helping to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is high on God’s agenda! You have a warm welcome to commit with us to help spread it far and wide!

    Praise God for the privilege of being workers together with one another and with God in that which has eternal value! Please pray with us for a rich anointing of the Holy Spirit on all the work and workers of Herald of His Coming. Ask that revival fires will be lit through the ministry in many hearts and churches! Pray that God will sustain and prosper faithful friends who form the financial lifeline of the ministry, and that He will add new ones to commit to support.

    We will also appreciate your prayers for our Herald staff member, Christine Ludlow, who after six years, is again afflicted with cancer and needs strength as she undergoes strong treatments. Ask and believe with us for the divine healing touch of God!