"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

A Prayer

    O Lord, cause my intellect to glow with Thy Holy Spirit’s teaching.

    Lord, how pitifully small is my appreciation of Thine Atonement and perfect salvation. Lord, draw me into fuller gratitude. Let me ever be a passionate lover of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    O Lord, how wonderful and great and mighty is it to turn to Thee. Keep me from any dominance saving Thine!

    "Upon the top of the pillars was lily work" (1 Kings 7:22). O Lord, this word is in my mind, especially how devoid I am of any "lily work." I’m so rugged and unadorned. Cause me to be Thine, in the expression of Thy grace, as well as in the experience of it.

    O Lord, how wholesome and grand a thing it is to be willing toward Thee. I am willing, eagerly willing for Thy will to be done, and I feel deeply joyful at the prospect, for nothing can be so glorious as just Thy will.

    Author unknown