March 2006 Issue

"Revival Can Save A Nation"
By Al Whittinghill

Help Save Our Nation!
By George T. B. Davis

The Lord Is Good
By Rich Carmicheal

Discerning The Times
By Dave Butts

Shining Lights For A Sin-Darkened World
By Fred D. Jarvis

Wanted: A Burning Heart!
By Wesley L. Duewel

Apathy – A Great Sin
By E. E. Shelhamer

Obey His Commands
By J. H. Jowett

Revival Is An Extraordinary Move Of The Holy Spirit
By Richard Owen Roberts

Repentance Must Precede Revival
By Jesse Raley

Searching Questions That Stir Up An Awakened Heart
By Joshua Bradley

Price Of Fearless Preaching
Selfish Comfort Or Self-denial?
By Melton Short

Applying Your Hearts To Understanding (Preparing Our Families to Discern the Times)
By Kim Butts

Fuel For Revival Flames!
By Lois J. Stucky