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Apathy – A Great Sin

By E. E. Shelhamer

    In the last days there shall be "distress of nations…men’s hearts failing them for fear" (Luke 21:25-26). This distress is because of war. But there is another kind of distress that comes from God. Abraham had it; Moses had it; and Paul had it when they agonized for their people. Easygoing Christians know nothing about "holy distress." They are content to drift with the tide and say, "Nothing can be done. What is, has to be!" But in every generation God raises up an extraordinary saint who dares to "stand in the gap" and turn the tide (Ezek. 22:30).

    Not until a man becomes dissatisfied with his present attainments will he stir himself to improve. Indifference will hinder progress. It is better to make blunders trying to correct an evil than to sit back and wonder why it could not have been done a different way.

    Every far-reaching answer to prayer has been brought about because someone lived ahead of his sluggish brethren and cried mightily to God until something happened.

    Occasionally we find a person who shakes himself and declares that he will not be content to drift with the tide. He turns to his account adverse winds and compels them to drive him to his desired port. He capitalizes his failures and profits by his defeats until men feel ashamed that they ever tried to hinder such a one.

    God is waiting to come on the scene in the thunder of His power. He will not do so until someone arises and announces in Holy anguish of soul that through divine grace, "Something shall come to pass!" Will you be that one?