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The Sin Of Prayerlessness

    "God forbid that I should sin against the Lord in ceasing to pray for you" (1 Sam. 12:23).

    Dr. Jowett said, "Few of us have placed prayerlessness among our possible sins. And even fewer have placed the omission to pray for others in the blacklist of sins against the holy and loving Lord. We have called it thoughtless, or neglect, or even apathy, but we have not called it sin. But how this word SIN as used in this unfamiliar relationship, broadens and deepens the ministry and obligation of prayer.

    "My needy brother has a good right to my prayers. They are to be regarded as part of his capital strength. They constitute a part of the forces which were purposed to make him victorious in all the battles of life. My prayers for him are part of his armor. I control some of his vital equipment. Without my cooperation in prayer he is weakened and maimed. If I deprive him of my prayers I defraud him. I wrong him in a far more deadly manner than if I refused to pay a debt due him. I help him into moral bankruptcy by depriving him of his dues. Thus do I wrong my brother, and sin against God.

    "All this is a noble conception of the obligation of prayer. It is something we owe to others, and if we neglect or refuse to pray, we leave them that much poorer.

    "And then, how uplifting to know that my prayers are helping him, even if he is far away, overseas, or in the air. I am sending him forces to enable him to meet his enemy and overthrow him. I can share his warfare and rejoice with him in his triumph."

    This being true, why not capitalize on that and ask largely of God? You honor Him by asking Him to undertake and bring things to pass too difficult for you; supposing, of course, your heart is right in His sight. It is said, "We cannot move the world, but in prayer, we can move the ARM that moves the world." Also, "More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of."