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Expect Great Things From God! Attempt Great Things For God!

    William Carey (1761—1834) was a poor, plodding, self-sacrificing shoemaker of England, burdened for a heathen world. He claimed no genius, but by his consecration and a firm will, during forty-one years in India, he planted eighteen mission stations and many schools. A printed page pioneer, he translated and printed the Bible in forty Oriental languages. The following paragraphs are from his pen:

    Brethren…if the prophecies concerning the increase of Christ’s kingdom be true, then all Christians ought heartily to cooperate with God in promoting His glorious plans. Let us not only pray that God’s kingdom may come, but let us use every lawful method to spread the knowledge of His name. Knowing the dark religious state of the world, we must demonstrate God’s love.

    Christ sent forth His disciples to preach the good tidings to every creature. Since apostolic times many attempts to spread the Gospel have been made, yet a very large part of mankind are still in heathenism. Some attempts are being made, but they are inconsiderable in comparison to what might be done if all Christians entered heartily into the spirit of the divine command.

    Do we love wealth better than the souls of our fellow creatures? Is not the commission of our Lord still binding upon us? Can we not do more than now we are doing?

    The present state of the world’s people is a loud call to Christians to exert ourselves to the utmost. Our first duty is fervent united prayer. We must not be contented, however, without exerting ourselves to obtain those things for which we pray. Were we as wise in our generation as the children of this world, we would stretch every nerve to gain so glorious a prize.

    Expect great things from God! Attempt great things for God!