"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Pray, Christians, Pray!

By Matthew Skariah

    Today’s culture is in trouble! The devil’s conspiracy is to dismantle and destroy the Christian heritage of America and other countries. Sacred biblical principles are under attack. Satan will stop at nothing to defeat us.

    No nation can survive when there is a moral and social breakdown. What an opportunity for God’s people to put the wheels of prayer in motion! We need to seize the initiative and put our prayers to work at this sad juncture of moral collapse and social disintegration. We must vigorously reclaim our spiritual and moral values, demonstrating without apology that this is the only path to claim our proper place in God’s scheme of things.

    Christians need to pray aggressively to block the moral disintegration of society – asserting the principles of God’s Word over politically correct taboos of moral absolutes, righteousness over unrighteousness, purity over immorality, wholesome conversation over impure thoughts and behavior, love over hate, godly values over the counter-culture values of the 1960’s.

    The people of "faith and prayer" can put the enemy forces to flight and show that they are losing their battle to force their immoral social agenda on a Christian nation. History is full of examples of how God’s praying people held back the tides of immorality and debauchery, and we can make it happen again, as often as necessary. Prayer can break through the barriers of unbelief and pseudo-intellectualism.

    As an intercessor, I urge you to join in the fight by becoming a member of God’s prayer team, the unbowed and unmoved. God’s people need to be knowledgeable about social changes and how they affect our Christian principles and our various Christian points of view of the most critical issues of the day. I do not know if you are in the habit of praying for our beloved nation on a regular basis. If you are, I implore you to redouble your prayer effort while you have the opportunity to do so. If you are not in the habit of praying for national revival, I hope you will begin such a habit immediately.

    If Christians don’t pray for our nation, who will? Pray, Christians, pray!

    – Arranged from World Prayer Band Prayergram. Used by permission.