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Will Revival Come Through You?

By Wesley L. Duewel

    Revival always comes from God, but it also always comes through a person of God. God has chosen to make His kingdom and His glory to a certain extent dependent on you. If you do not experience continuous personal revival in your own heart, you will fail to fully glorify God, His kingdom will suffer, and you will lose the reward God desires to bestow on you.

    Every great movement of God in real revival has been marked by His use of the prevailing prayer of many prayer warriors as they obeyed God’s call to prayer. It has also involved His anointing of a few chosen leaders.

    Often the rivers of revival blessings that transform the barren deserts into gardens of God are fed by numerous hidden streams. The foundations for every great work of God go much deeper than is apparent to the human eye.

    Before God demonstrates His mighty power publicly, He calls His saints to pray and humble themselves alone before Him. Before God manifests His transcendent glory in His church, He gives His hidden ones hungry hearts. Every hunger and thirsting in your heart for God’s revival power and glory is proof of God’s desire to bless and work exceedingly above your small comprehension. Every such passionate desire in your soul should make you pray, believe, and praise as never before. This is clear evidence that God desires to use you as one of His instruments for revival.

    Our greatest need is not for revival leadership. God always raises up His chosen instrument when the hour is fully come. God often chooses His leaders from the most unlikely of places. Any one of a multitude of people could be God’s chosen leader in revival if he or she is utterly and fully yielded to God.

    No one can be God’s leader in revival unless he or she is God-anointed. That means that the glory and miracle power are God’s alone. Every past or present leader in genuine revival will gladly and repeatedly admit that he was neither able nor worthy of the position into which God thrust him. God uses such people so that the glory may be totally His own. No, our greatest need is not for some great leader.

    Our greatest need is for people like you and me to faithfully carry a burden of prayer. Our greatest need is for adequate hidden sources for revival. Revival will come only when there are enough hungry hearts, enough pleading intercessors, enough saints who will weep as they pray, enough who will be desperate enough to fast and pray. God has chosen to make His children a kingdom and priests (Rev. 1:6). They are to be ready always to intercede – in a constant fellowship with their Lord because He always lives to intercede (Heb. 7:25).

    God could have chosen otherwise, but He has chosen that the prayer of a righteous person will be powerful and effective. He has chosen that we will not have until we ask, that we will not have an open door until we knock, that we will not find until we seek. God always does far beyond what we ask for, but He nevertheless says, "You do not have, because you do not ask God" (Jas. 4:2).

    We are living in the Holy Spirit’s dispensation, in the Church age, in the revival age. We have not yet even begun to realize all that God longs to do for and through His Church. You are a part of that Church. You have not even begun to realize all that God can do for and through you. You will either help or hinder revival, you will either be an instrument of the Holy Spirit to help bring about revival or you will bring grief to the Holy Spirit. Which will it be? To what extent are you willing to pay the spiritual price that revival may come at least partly through you?

    Lord, use my intercession to prepare Your way for revival.

    – Taken from God’s Power Is For You by Welsey L. Duewel. Copyright 1997. Used by permission of the Duewel Literature Trust, Inc., Greenwood, Indiana. Dr. Duewel’s books may be purchased by calling (317) 881-6751 Ext. 361.