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Pray For Leaders In Church And Nation Who Fear God

    "Go, lead the people" (Ex. 32:25-35).

    As Jesus, Paul, Elijah and Moses met God in prolonged periods of testing, overcoming through prevailing prayer, so must the leaders who would lead us out of our quagmire, meet God in periods of fasting and seclusion.

    There is no doubt that prayer is the key to a deeply spiritual leadership which could change the church, the family, the nation and the world, giving us spiritual parents and Sunday school teachers and national and church leaders who fear God.

    Those who are spiritual leaders must be willing to assume the terrific responsibility of true godly leadership. That means self-denial, hard work, misunderstanding, disappointment, testing, humility and utter dependence, through prevailing prayer, upon God, for the revelation of His divine program and the granting of divine courage to do His will.

    – The Wesleyan Methodist