"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Am I Seeking Revival In My Own Life?

By Aletta N. Jacobsz

    "Let a man examine himself, and so let him eat of that bread, and drink of that cup" (1 Cor. 11:28).
    Does my will clash with God’s? Am I willing for His will, or delighted without it?
    Do I have an unbroken record of, "Yes, Lord," given gladly?
    Can God write, "Victory" over my life (a) where other eyes see? (b) in secret when I am alone?
    Do souls come to find help? Am I willing to locate the hindrance?
    Do I have a tender conscience, reporting the very motives for a look, an expression in the face, a tone of the voice, a word, a deed?
    Am I crucified to the world? Its passions? Outward adornment?
    What about so-called innocent things, such as newspapers and TV, and the amount of time I spend on them?
    Am I watchful to redeem the minutes?
    What about quiet times that mean sacrifice?
    Do I practice self-denial daily? In my friendships, my emotions, my money?
    Are my tears ever sanctified? Are they merely for myself, or are they given for His cause and for souls?
    Do I ever receive opposition? Do I grin and bear it, or count it pure joy? Do I speak kindly to my opposers?
    Am I more keen to share His suffering than His joy?
    When others do wrong, do I feel loveless to them? (a) or does it not even hurt me? (b) Do I criticize them in my heart? (c) Do I ever tell another? In what spirit? (d) Do I fulfill my duty of Leviticus 19:17 by rebuking him? (e) Is it hard to hurt him by speaking openly, or do I enjoy belittling him? (f) Have I been at some time or another guilty of the same sin?
    Is another’s reputation safe in my hands?
    Have I resigned forever my rightful rights for the sake of Calvary (comfort, respect, friendships, enjoyable and innocent pastimes, getting married, the special place in someone’s affections, self-defense, to sleep, to be ministered unto)?
    Can I say, "Be ye followers of me in all things"? (Read 1 Corinthians 4:16 and 11:1).
    Do I forgive readily, even if it be those from whom I expect most, and they are not sorry for what they have done, and even feel I am to blame?
    Do I treat the outsider with more consideration, respect and victory in my spirit than those I live with?
    Regarding those whom I love more dearly, (a) Am I overexacting, adopting the wrong attitude for the slightest offense? (b) Am I less careful about details: politeness, keeping my testimony true, etc.?
    How much tenderness goes out to my defeated neighbor? How much prayer have I spent on him without telling my best friends about his defeats?