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Revival Costs, But It Pays!

By R. E. Lacy

    The power back of a revival is not man power. It is not the power of human talent or human management. It is God’s power at work. A scriptural and experimental revival has full access to man’s inner nature and can change hearts and lives.

    The only ones revived during a season of revival are those who yield fully to God. The people who rebel, procrastinate, fail to believe God, or refuse to obey Him, are left out. But blessed are those who plunge into the fountain and are made whole!

    Revivals cost, but oh, how they pay! Hearts are set aflame; homes are saved from ruin; churches are edified, united, and fortified. Young people are called into the whitened harvest fields. Yes, the benefits of a revival pay rich dividends. Oh, Lord, "Wilt thou not revive us again?"

    – From The Emmanuel Herald.