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Time Alone In Prayer

    It was the hours Gladstone spent alone with God in prayer that made him a wise and safe leader of England. It was the hours Spurgeon spent alone in prayer that made him the great preacher that he was. It was in the hour when defeat seemed inevitable that Joshua stood in prayer to God, and the answer was a glorious victory over the five kings (Joshua, chapter 10).

    It was the hours Elijah communed with God that brought fire from the sky, which convinced Ahab that the Lord was God (1 Kings, chapter 18). It was the hours Jonah spent with Him in the deep sea, when in the belly of the whale, that prepared him to preach repentance to the people of Nineveh.

    It was the hours Daniel spent in the upper chamber alone with God that made him a prince among men and also saved him in the den of lions. It was the hours the disciples spent in the upper room in waiting upon the Lord which enabled them to preach three thousand souls into the Kingdom at Pentecost (Acts, chapter 3). It was the hours the Apostle Paul spent alone in prayer that enabled him to make Felix tremble, and to make King Agrippa exclaim, "Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian!" (Acts 24:25;26:28).

    My friend, if you would be a winner of souls, you must spend much time alone in prayer with God.

    – Author Unknown.