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Take Time To Pray

By George D. Watson

    A great lack of Christian life today, even among people professing holiness, is a lack of taking time for deep, thoughtful, exhaustive prayer. How few Christians take time to pray any subject out in all its details before the Lord, taking time to put our whole heart and mind intensely in the prayer, and then taking time for the Holy Spirit to speak to us in the depths of our spirit to reveal to us the will of God.

    Think of all the time that Christians spend in anxiety or in seeking advice from other people or in foolish speculation, or in making plans and building air castles, etc. If that time were spent in patient and thoughtful prayer, what vast fields of satisfactory light and clear divine guidance would be opened up to them. They would learn the knowledge of God’s will on all lines, such as would give a deep, restful assurance which would make them spiritually strong.

    If ministers and evangelists who give their time to soul-saving, would take time to spend each day in prayer to God, they would acquire more light on divine things, and would obtain a depth of sweetness of experience which would make them channels of divine life to other souls.

    It is amazing how little time even ministers and Christian workers spend in secret prayer. This is because we foolishly imagine that we have so many other things to attend to that we cannot take time to pray. But some day we may find that time was the raw gold, and that prayer was the mint in which moments were coined into heavenly wealth.