"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Unity In The Church Family

By George Müller

    What will help us who believe in Christ to be more united together? One might say: "Oh, we must give up our differences." Allow me affectionately and humbly to say: "I do not think so." According to my judgment, a closer union would not be brought about by our giving up our own views of what we consider to be taught us by God and the Scriptures. Not thus, but the great point is to let the foundation truths of our holy faith have their proper place.

    We have not to say: "Now I will put away for the time being all that I hold distinctively from my brethren." No; nor do I expect this from other brethren. With great diligence and prayerfulness, and, if necessary, great sacrifice, ought we to "buy the truth"; but having obtained it, for no price whatever is it to be sold. This is one side of the truth.

Unite on the Great Foundations

    The other side is this: The foundations of our holy faith are so great, so momentous, and so precious, so altogether superabounding in comparison with anything else, that if we lived more under their influence and more valued and enjoyed them, we should be constrained to love one another, to be knit together in love.

    We have the one, self-same Savior; by faith in the Lord Jesus we are all introduced into the same family; through believing the gospel we become the children of God, and members of the same heavenly family.

    Now, if this were present to our hearts, that we all have one Father in heaven; one Savior; are all bought by the same precious blood, and baptized by the Holy Ghost into one Body; are all walking the same road to heaven, and ere long shall all reach the same Home--if all this were present to our hearts, I say, this or that difference of opinion would not separate or alienate us. There is a blessedness and sweetness connected with really holding the membership of the Body, and loving our fellow-believers, though we differ from them, that brings unspeakable joy to the soul.

    – From Life Indeed.