November 2002 Issue

Desperate Prevailing Prayer
By Mark I. Bubeck
Prayer Keeps Open The Doors For The Gospel
The Accuser Versus The Intercessor
By Dave Butts
Truth Brings Spiritual Victory
By Rich Carmicheal
"Thus Saith The Lord…Ask For The Old Paths, Where Is The Good Way,
  And Walk Therein" (Jeremiah 6:16)

By W. C. Moore
Charles Spurgeon On Prayer
The Conquest Of The Mind
By Alice H. Hamblin
The Mind Sheltered Under The Blood
By D. W. Griffin
In The Real World They Say "Identification" – Not Persecution
By Bette Crouse
My Saviour, Show Me Thy Hands
Content…Whatever State
Entering Into Fellowship With Our Suffering Saviour
The Enduring Crown
By Seth Rees
Guarding The Minds Of Our Children (Doing Battle on Our Knees)
By Kim Butts
The Mind of Christ In Me
By Lois J. Stucky