"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Prayer Keeps Open the Doors for the Gospel

    Paul knew that Satan had power to close doors and hinder the truth. That power he will use when the Church does not aggressively oppose him. The secret of the open door for the Gospel is prayer. Behind those who preach the Word, and write it, and scatter it, must stand men and women who believe in the power of prayer, and who in earnest, persistent, aggressive intercession make it possible for the Word of God to run and have free course!

    This is the hour for believers everywhere to give themselves to prayer—that in the Name of Christ, and on the grounds of His Calvary triumph, the power of evil shall be broken, and the Word of Life—both spoken and written—shall be made to run, with speed unrestrained, bringing light and joy and blessing to multitudes, and hastening the coming of our Lord and King.

    – Author Unknown.