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    "I greet you all in the love of the Lord," wrote a brother in prison for his faith in God. "You would like to know how I feel in these conditions? I must tell you that I perfectly, sincerely, with all my heart thank the Lord for this road. Only by this way has it been possible for me to learn many things and have very special blessings resulting from very clear experiences of the love of God—His guidance, care and defense.

    "Often I hear from unbelieving people …‘Look, we are free. We have no troubles in life. We are happy. But what do you have? Surely you must be tired of dressing in those clothes, living under such circumstances!’

    "But my answer is that I am happy, and my kind of happiness is much deeper than theirs since it does not depend on outward circumstances…I must tell you that not once have I regretted my witness for Christ—that for which they have put me in prison…I cannot let these things turn me away from the Lord who gives me a joy that cannot be compared with earthly things. Without God life loses its purpose."