"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

In Unity Is Strength

By G. S. Ingram

    The strength unity gives is something inconceivable. The power of each individual member is increased to a large degree by the inspiration of fellowship with a large and conquering host. Nothing can so help us to an ever-larger faith as the consciousness of being one body and one spirit in Christ Jesus.

    The power of union we see everywhere in nature. How feeble is a drop of rain as it falls to earth. But when the many drops are united in one stream, and thus become one body, the power is irresistible. Such is the power of true union in prayer.

    And such can our prayer be if we unite all our forces in pleading the promise of the Father. And when the world "comes in like a flood," it can be overcome in the power of united prayer. Read Matthew 18:18-20; Isaiah 59:19.

    It was in the upper room that they abode the ten days until they had truly become one heart and one soul. When the Spirit of God descended, He not only filled each individual, but took possession of the whole company as the body of Christ.

    Do believe, O Christians, that in this present century the prayer of our Lord Jesus is still being offered: "Father...that they also may be one in us" (John 17:21). It is in the fellowship of loving and believing prayer that our hearts can be melted into one, and that we shall become strong in faith to believe and to accept what God has promised us.