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Message From The Publisher...

    During a recent Sunday morning worship service at the church I attend, a period of extended silence broke forth in the midst of the congregational singing. Everyone became quiet simultaneously--the worship leader and congregation stopped singing, and the musicians stopped playing. This had not happened before and it was unplanned and unexpected on this occasion. We all just stood silently in the presence of the Lord.  

    During this time I began to wonder what the Lord might do in our midst. Would He send a wave of conviction and repentance across the congregation? Would He cleanse? Deliver? Heal? Revive? Call to service?

    As the time of silence continued, however, I began to realize that instead of wondering what the Lord might do during this time, I needed to focus upon the Lord Himself. Even if He did not do anything special in our midst during this time, it was enough for us to be silent before Him. He is worthy of our worship regardless of what He may or may not do in response to our worship. As the Lord declares, “Be still, and know that I am God...” (Psalm 46:10).  

    Of course, the Lord does graciously bless His people as we worship Him. He gives joy, strength, encouragement, healing, peace, comfort, guidance, assurance, purpose, calling, light, inspiration and many other good things. As David states in Psalm 103:3, “Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits.”

    However, our focus should be first and foremost upon the Lord Himself rather than upon these benefits. We are to come before His presence with singing (Psalm 100:2); bow down and kneel before Him (Psalm 95:6); glorify Him with thanksgiving (Psalm 69:30); bless Him and His holy name (Psalm 103:1); lift up our soul unto Him (Psalm 25:1); gaze upon His beauty (Psalm 27:4); be silent before Him (Habakkuk 2:20); seek His face (Psalm 105:4); rejoice in Him (Psalm 33:1); praise Him among the people (Psalm 108:3); wait upon Him (Psalm 37:34); worship Him in the beauty of holiness (Psalm 29:2)...The list of expressions of worship could go on and on, but the focus remains the same--worship Him!

    Dear friend, this issue of Herald of His Coming is devoted to the theme of worship. I hope that you will allow the Lord to use the messages in this paper to renew your focus upon Him. May He receive praise and glory!

    – Rich Carmicheal