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Christ Conquered Satan

By Jessie Penn-Lewis

    Many of God’s people throughout the world are praying for a quickening of the spiritual life of the Church in revival power, but wherever there is a mighty working of God, you may settle it, there will be a mighty working of the powers of darkness in opposition to it. Unless believers are awake to this and exercise warfare, any such awakening will be accompanied by supernatural workings which are not of God, causing it gradually to be discredited and to die away. Too often in the past, God’s people have been ignorant of Satan’s "devices" and he has succeeded in stopping revival before they were aware what he was doing. The armor of God is designed that we may "stand against the wiles of the devil" (Ephesians 6:11). Satan is already a conquered foe. At Calvary the prince of this world was conquered by Christ when He was lifted up on the Cross. This is a basic fact of spiritual warfare.