"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

July 2000 Issue

Biblical Reasons For Every Christian To Evangelize *
By Alan Furst
Christ Wants You!
By Dr. Graham Scroggie
Encouragement For Evangelism
By Rich Carmicheal
Evangelism With A Passion *
By Morris Chalfant
Value In Visitation
By A. Doolittle
Zeal In Labor
By Horatius Bonar
The Spirit’s Power Indispensable
By S. A. Keen
The Soul Winner Must Pray
By R. A. Torrey
Evangelism And Christ’s Coming
By J. Wilbur Chapman
Defective Evangelism
By James A. Stewart
The Reality of Hell *
By R. A. Torrey
Stories From A Faithful Witness *
By Irene Hanley
Winning Your Neighbors Begins With Prayer
On Reaching Children
By Charles H. Spurgeon
Can Little Children Savingly Believe?
By J. Irvin Overholtzer
Reasons For Child Evangelism
The Promise Of The Spirit
By Lois J. Stucky


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