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Children Drawn Into The Heart Of God

    Richard Owen Roberts, whose articles appear on preceding pages, said in a conference message,

    "Years ago I was taught that children can’t handle the great truths of Christianity. That is ridiculous. Don’t cheat your children by sending them into some side room when serious things are happening in the church. Children have an incredible capacity to absorb and respond to all the deep things of God.

    "In fact, I have more hope for the children than I do for the middle-aged. Many of our middle-age people are so sold out to gold and goods they can’t hear anything serious. But thank God, the children haven’t been corrupted yet, and they indeed can hear and can make remarkable responses.

    "When I was twelve years of age, I felt clearly led to commit myself, in fact, my entire life to the issue of revival, but that began when I was a boy of eight. I was drawn by the Spirit. I can go back right now in my mind and feel something of what I felt as an eight-year-old. Don’t tell me that children can’t be drawn into the heart of God. I wouldn’t waste their lives sending them off into side rooms to listen to idle talk when something significant is going on among the people of God in the sanctuary."