"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

The Vital Part The Will Plays

By Andrew Murray

    "All Judah rejoiced, for they had sought Him with their whole desire; and He was found of them" (2 Chronicles 15:15).

    The will is the royal faculty of the soul; it rules over the whole man. Many people become the slaves of sin because they do not decide with a firm will to listen to the voice of conscience. Many Christians make no advance in the prayer life because they have not the courage to say with a strong purpose of will: "By God’s help I will do all that God’s Word and my own conscience bid me do. I will make time for prayer and quiet fellowship with Him."

    In the practice of prayer it is quite indispensable to say in regard to wandering thoughts, or the brevity and haste of our prayers, or their formality and superficiality, "I will not give way to these things. I will call upon God with all my heart and strength."

    This is not an easy task. One must face the position calmly and decide to go on praying without any real zeal or earnestness, or else look to God to help him by His Holy Spirit to say: "In the few minutes that I spend with God and His Word I am determined to give the time with an undivided heart." Keep on, even though you find it difficult. You will find it easier each time you say to God: "Lord, I can be satisfied with nothing less; I will seek Thee with my whole heart."

    All Judah sought the Lord with their whole desire (or will), and He was found of them. God is longing to bless you, but is unable to do so as long as you are not willing to give yourself unreservedly, and with all the strength of your will, to let Him work out His will in you. Speak it out in God’s presence: "Father, I will seek Thee with all my heart and will."