Reasons For Gratitude

By Rich Carmicheal

    As I consider the ministry of Herald of His Coming during this past year, I can not help but be filled with gratitude. May I take this opportunity to share with you some of the things for which I am thankful…

The Lord's Continued Blessing

   I offer thanks and praise to the Lord for His continued anointing on Herald of His Coming! Throughout this year this ministry has received a steady flow of letters from readers testifying to the impact the paper is making in their lives. The response to the last few issues has been especially good. As a matter of fact, in light of the response, we have had to print additional copies of the August, September and October issues. Praise the Lord that He continues to help Lois (the Herald editor) select anointed articles that stir the Church in the areas of repentance, revival, prayer, holiness and world evangelization. The Lord’s message is going forth!

Worldwide Outreach

    Although the ministry of Herald of His Coming was birthed in the United States, the vision has always been for worldwide outreach. With this in mind, I offer thanks and praise to the Lord that this ministry is currently able to send Herald of His Coming and other revival-oriented materials to Christians in over 150 different countries. As a testimony to the Lord, and as a means of encouragement to those of you who support this ministry through your prayers and giving, I am including a list of the countries to which this ministry currently sends copies of the English edition of Herald of His Coming (see inset). I am also including a list of the various foreign language editions of the Herald (also in inset). Although these editions vary in size and frequency, we are grateful that the message of Herald of His Coming is translated into these languages and distributed in various countries.

The Ministry of Herald International

   This year I have had the joy of learning more about the Herald International work. In May, I had the privilege of meeting and spending a week with Wolfgang Gerstenberg, the editor of the German, Dutch, French and Italian Heralds. I was very blessed by his humble nature, his sweet spirit and his eager desire to bless Christians in Europe (and beyond) with the various Herald editions that he oversees. Also, in August, I had the privilege of meeting the editor of the Greek Herald, Stratos Dalakas, and his wife Frosso. They were in the United States and Canada visiting family members and made the special effort to drive all the way from Toronto to visit with the Herald staff in Indiana. We were blessed by the love and the joy of the Lord in their hearts as well as by their devotion to the Lord’s work. The Herald has made a significant impact in Stratos’ life and, out of gratitude to the Lord and the Herald ministry, he is glad to be working with the Greek Herald.

    Of course, I am also thankful to be learning more about the other editors (and their co-workers) through correspondence with them. Most of them have many other responsibilities and are making personal sacrifices to oversee their editions. They face various obstacles such as political unrest in their countries, opposition from false religions, restrictive governments and very limited finances. Nevertheless, these men and women are faithful to the Lord’s calling upon their lives. Because of their work, many Christians are receiving important teaching and encouragement that they would most likely not receive otherwise. May the Lord’s anointing continue to be upon these workers as they carry out this important ministry!

    I am also grateful that the new editions in Nepal, Russia, and Poland are making progress. Please pray that the Lord will firmly establish these new editions.

    Many of the foreign language editions are possible only because of the financial support that comes from the readers of the English edition. Therefore, I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all of you who make it possible for this ministry to provide financial help for these editions.


    One of the big losses to this ministry in the move from Newton, Kansas to Indiana was the loss of the volunteers who were helping with the work in Newton. However, I am thankful that a new core of volunteers is steadily developing. For the past few months, a number of people from a local church have helped with the package mailing for those receiving multiple copies of the Herald. We are also beginning to receive volunteer help from the residents of a local ministry that is helping people overcome addictions and other problems.

Updated Records

   We periodically update the mailing list of Herald of His Coming in order to avoid sending out unwanted papers. This is a difficult process to work through because we want to be careful not to remove anyone from the mailing list who wants to continue receiving the paper. However, we believe that it is good stewardship to try to maintain a mailing list of interested readers. This fall we have had the unpleasant task of removing the names of a number of readers who have not made any contact with this ministry for the last two or more years. On the other hand, however, we have had the joy of updating the records of many readers who have made contact with the Herald office. Therefore, I want to express my gratitude to all of you who have let us know that you desire to continue receiving the Herald. I am also thankful that we have had the privilege of adding many new names to the mailing list this year.

   By the way, we update records each time we receive any contact from a reader, whether that be by correspondence or financial gift. If you desire to continue receiving the paper, but have not made any contact with this ministry during the last two years, please write to us. We need to know that you still desire to remain on the mailing list. We are glad to send the paper to all who want to receive it.

The Support of Herald Friends

    The ministry of Herald of His Coming is only possible because of the many friends who support this work. Therefore, I certainly want to express my gratitude to all of you who support the Herald through your prayers, your letters of encouragement and your financial gifts. Since this ministry’s outreach requires a great deal of spiritual and financial resources, your partnership is vital! If you are not currently supporting this work in some way, we certainly want to invite you to begin doing so. You can write to us at: 

Herald of His Coming, P. O. Box 279, Seelyville IN 47878