"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Find And Do God’s Will!

By Lois J. Stucky

    The title I once read, "Find Your Place and Fill It," impressed me as saying about as concisely as could be said, what myself or anyone else needed to do in order to live a worthwhile, purposeful life: find God’s will and do it! Our Master has need of each Christian somewhere in His great, world-encompassing, noble and glorious plan that the Gospel of divine love and salvation be preached in all the world. That thought bears repeating. The Master has need of all of us, however ordinary our abilities may be, however restricted our responsibilities make us.

    Young mothers will be encouraged as they read Javonda Barnes’ article on pages 7 and 8 and learn how a missionary lady kept her world focus when her life changed from full-time participation in missionary work to caring in the home for the three small children the Lord gave to her and her husband. The vision of homemakers of every age will be enlarged by this article. Then it is up to the one who receives the vision to put it into practice--to fill the place given to her.

    Some dear saints on Herald of His Coming mailing list we know are confined to home, or wheelchair or bed. Might God give you sweet joy in praying with Him for the needs He would have you bear. He takes great pleasure in having available for Himself those quiet ones able and willing to share His whispered requests that busy folk miss.

"Lose Your Life" (Mark 8:34-35)

    David Bryant’s article on pages 5 and 6 rightly sets before us that there will be a price to pay to follow the Saviour to the place He has planned for us to fill. Not many of us perhaps will be called to fill a martyr’s shoes, but we cannot but be shocked as we learn of the increasing number of Christians around the world who are paying the supreme price of their lives for their faith.

    Still, most of us will be called to what Brother Moore termed "Martyr Lives" in an editorial he wrote years ago. "It is wonderful," he wrote, "to have the privilege and honor of dying as a martyr for Jesus--to seal our testimony with our blood, to suffer death rather than to deny our Lord. But in these days God is also calling for those who, in the intensity of love for Him, will voluntarily live martyr lives!

    "To live a martyr life means that our own life, our own wishes, our own preferences, our own ideas--none of these things are dear to us, for a consuming love for the Lord Jesus Christ overwhelms us and our very life is poured out daily, hourly for Him!...

    "Can I not be sensitive to the gentle restraint of the nail-scarred hands upon my lips when I would speak a harsh, an unkind, an ill-advised word? Can I not look at sinners with His dying love? Can I not today weep with my Master over the wicked Jerusalems of this sinful age? (Luke 19:28-44).

    "Let multitudes today around the world join in a holy compact to live martyr lives unto the Lord they love, to smash alabaster boxes, to forsake all and follow Him (Matt. 19:27-30; Luke 14:33), to obey His Word, to give Him thanks and praise for the very things we have heretofore been complaining and murmuring about (1 Thess. 5:16-18). To go all-out for Jesus as we have never done before, to be unconcerned about our disappointments and setbacks and sorrows, but rather to be looking unto Jesus (Heb. 12:1-17), and to be altogether taken up with His approval, His will, not our own will or our own way.

    "Believe God’s Word, ‘My grace is sufficient for thee: for My strength is made perfect in weakness’" (2 Cor. 12:9).

"World Christian" Unlimited

    Many of us are in touch with a host of Christian organizations with a world outreach, in addition to a missionary outreach in our own local church. It is surprising how many of these we can list to use as a prayer resource. It may be more than we can go over personally day by day, but we can make mention of them before the Lord, and claim some promise for their blessing for the day. Personally I am praying for a gracious outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the various organizations on the list I use. Oh, if every individual missionary, if every missionary organization, were experiencing the fullness of God’s blessing, how fruit would abound! "Showers of blessings," "rain in the time of the latter rain," "floods upon the dry grounds," "rivers of living water." God’s measure is generous, unlimited. Let us ask largely.

In Your Prayer Groups

    If your prayer group needs a greater revival thrust, we highly recommend you use Dr. Bubeck’s helpful points in "The Prayer That Begins Revival." Satan is ever seeking to cool off prayer groups. Unite in a definite strategy to be as effective as you can be. Profit from Nehemiah’s example.

Herald’s Need For "World Christians"

    Herald of His Coming offers readers the opportunity to be a "World Christian." God has opened doors to this ministry to go with the printed Gospel into over 150 countries of the world. Time after time a letter has brought us the excitement of having yet another opportunity open to us. It may be that a Herald reader is a missionary to some indigenous group, and is able to use the messages to preach to a group of people we could not possibly reach directly. Numerous copies go to Muslim areas where Christians are in great minority, and need the encouragement the Herald articles can give.

    There is a Christian worker in Hong Kong, who is distributing the Tagalog Herald to many Filipinos living and laboring there. There is also a missionary couple who use the English Herald to prepare for ministry in Mainland China.

    It may be that someone receives a monthly package to share with readers in their high-rise apartment building, or in their neighborhood. These opportunities are all the more precious because a reader is unselfishly adding his effort to extend the messages farther.

    An outreach such as God has given to this ministry requires a considerable outlay of finances, of course. If the Holy Spirit puts it on your heart to take a greater part as a "World Christian" through your supporting gifts, it will enable Herald of His Coming to grasp more of the opportunities before us. Together we will have the privilege of being more widely used as proclaimers of the "greatest story ever told," the story that will be extolled and esteemed for all Eternity, the story that has given you and me glorious, everlasting life! How can we help but share this treasure? Lord, what would you have me to do?

Praise God!

    * For all who pray for Herald of His Coming and help to bring upon the messages the blessing of Heaven, which causes them to minister as living water to thirsty hearts.

    * For each reader sincerely taking to heart the messages in the Herald, seeking to rid their lives of all sin and be to Christ the Bride without spot or wrinkle.

Please Pray

    * For God to bless and use this issue of Herald of His Coming greatly.

    *That in this festive, holiday season, we will use carefully our time and finances, so we can give good account as faithful stewards of what He has entrusted to us.

    * For divine wisdom, strength and anointing for all the Herald workers, that all be done according to God’s will and for His glory.