"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Praying Down Satan’s Strongholds

By DeVern Fromke

    In the war upon the powers of darkness, prayer is the mightiest weapon. Prayer will accomplish what argument will not. When you see an onslaught of the enemy in a certain situation, be careful not to touch it until you have prayed the whole thing through.

    In the greatest innocence, you may fan up a tornado of the enemy’s workings by trying to put things right. Also, it may be just a trap to draw you into it in order to divert you from vital work and if you do not touch it, the enemy will stop because his “trap” has failed.

    In your home, church or prayer group, or wherever there is a tornado of the enemy at work, keep out of it! Your most effective weapon against that thing will be prayer, not speech. Never imagine that your business is to give “light” to a Christian until they are ready to receive it.

    For instance, there is a child of God under deception. If you were to tell him so, he would not believe it. It is far better to deal with the enemy at the back of the deception by prayer. Pray something like this: “Lord, open his eyes to see that the enemy is deceiving him. Give him the knowledge he needs for deliverance.”

    Pray over every detail you know of until you know there is a change, and the satanic power has subsided, so that you have only the person himself to deal with (not extraneous supernatural power also).

    Then you can give light on the experience and how to resist the devil, the deceiver, and the person will be able to listen to you. But if you have not enough knowledge to distinguish between the person himself and the working of the enemy, you will be blaming the person and trying to put the person right. You will reason with him, argue with him, weep for him, but you will not pray away the workings of the enemy of that soul.

    Remember, you are “in Christ,” the Conqueror, and wherever you see a trace of the enemy’s work, in your own life or in others, you pray against it, in the Name of Jesus. It is a systematic warfare of prayer against the enemy. “The Lord thy God doth drive them out from before thee” (Deut. 18:12). If all God’s people were awake to this warfare, there is not a church or a mission hall, or a conference, or a deceived believer, where the emissaries of the devil are at work, that they could not be driven out by prayer.

    Much of the lack of unity among the brethren springs from this very source. It can be overcome only through the prayer of individual warriors who are in a position “in Christ” to rebuke the evil spirit causing disunity.

    “Resist the devil, and he will flee from you” (James 4:7).

    When Satan tempted Christ, He commanded him to “Get thee hence” (Matt. 4:10). In other words, Christ commanded Satan to leave. He did not ask him to go. He commanded him to go, and the marvelous thing is this, Satan obeyed.

    In the all-conquering Name of the Son of God, we can command Satan, wherever we find him at work, in home, or church, “Get thee hence!” God calls upon us with insistency to offer this resistance. Resistance to Satanic power, in the Savior’s Name, on the authority of His Word, by faith in His finished work on Calvary, is the spiritual weapon that, when used, makes the devil’s strongholds to crumble in the home or church.

    This resistance can be done in prayer with fasting without touching the actual situation. It is by faith that it may be of God. Obedience to God’s Word in life and lip, makes faith strong to move mountains.