"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Sword Of God

By Horatius Bonar

For the warfare gird it on,
Nor until the fight be won,
And the day’s sharp work is done,
Lay it by!

Sharp its edge; oh, use it well;
Strong against the strongest spell
Ever framed in earth or hell,
It will prove!

Bright its blade, oh keep it bright,
For the battle, day and night;
Stainless as the flashing light,
Let it shine!

With it hew thy onward way,
Through hell’s thickest war-army:
Nothing let thy soul dismay;
To the last!

Weapon of the true and just,
Trust it strongly, warrior, trust,
Keep it free from earthly rust;
Win it must!

Strike for God, and let each blow
Tell on Satan’s overthrow,
Be the win of a foe;
Strike for God!

Not for angels was it made,
Man alone can wield that blade,
Soldiers of the great crusade--
Hosts of God!

Sword of God, thy power we hail;
He who has thee cannot fail,
He who trusts thee must prevail,
Mighty sword!

Rich in victories untold,
Still the precious sword of old,
Steel and gems and glorious gold,
To the last!

Till the warfare shall be done,
Till the victory be won,
Till the triumph be begun,
Grasp we thee!