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Children And The Bible

By John Matthews

    To each boy and girl who is saved, I tell them, “Get yourself a Bible and begin to make it your own. Study the book. Read it for yourself if you can.

    “If you do not understand it, ask someone to explain it. Best of all, ask God to whisper to you just what the words mean. He will help you. As you come to an extra good promise, mark it with a pencil. It will help you to hold it in your mind. It will become your property.

    “He who has the most promises in his heart and mind is richest. Through faith we get possession of the promises. Shall we not read the Bible more?”

    If the child cannot afford a Bible, try to give him a Scripture portion. The Gospel of Luke is a good one to tell him much about his new Saviour, Jesus Christ.

    Some things children may not wholly understand, but in later years these precepts and promises will blossom and bud and flower in moral convictions. Then the Holy Ghost will have some foundation to work on in their lives.