"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

The Secret Of Revival

By C. D. Carter

    When people pray--God works. His methods have not changed. Our prayers are usually hurried and half­hearted. There is little result from such praying. It is no wonder we see so little conviction of sin today.

    Oh, that God would shame us for our prayerlessness and for our lack of concern about the unsaved all around us! Oh, that He would humble us, burden us, and melt us to tears! Might He so move our hearts with love for the unsaved that we will have to lay aside other interests and give ourselves to prayer until souls around us are convicted, awakened and saved from going down to hell!

    Let us get down to business with God. Whenever you see people who have been awakened to their need, convicted of their sins and brought to the Saviour, you can be certain of one fact--somebody has been praying! Let us give ourselves to prayer until something happens!