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Hastening Christ’s Coming

By S. D. Gordon

    The reason for the delay in the coming of the Lord is the great, tender, long-suffering love of God toward men, and the earnest longing that all may repent and none be lost.  But that “day of the Lord will come”; it will come to these jeering mockers as unexpectedly and disagreeably as the thief breaks in while the household sleeps. We are urged, by holy living and godliness, to be “looking for and hastening the coming of the day of God.” The Revised version says “earnestly desiring” with “hastening” in the margin. This word is translated by some form of the word “hasten” every other time it is used, and would seem to be correctly translated so here.

    The teaching is that it is actually in our power, simply by our godly lives and faithfulness, through grace, to bring nearer the day of the Lord’s return. The thought that one’s faithfulness to the Master, in the midst of prevailing unfaithfulness, may bring nearer the hour of the return which He so longs for, makes one’s heart beat a bit quicker and warmer, as a prayer is sent up for more grace to be faithful.

    – From Quiet Talks About Our Lord’s Return.