"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

God Calls Men To Fasting As Well As To Prayer

By D. W. Reynolds

    Fasting with prayer brings special blessing and help of the Holy Ghost.  God is entreated and moved by fasting-prayer in a special way.

    I have received special help during days of fasting and prayer.  It seems there is an entering into a closer fellowship and more intimate relationship with the Lord as a result of fasting.  Faith is quickened and prayer is deepened until the soul grips the promises of God in a greater way.

    It has been my custom for some time to spend one entire day each week in prayer with fasting. Naturally I feel weak in my body but there is a special strength that comes as the result of gripping the promises of God, and most of all the soul is enriched with a new spiritual vigor.

    In this day of extreme need when the church in general is slipping and worldliness is swamping men’s souls, and pulling them down to a lukewarm, defeated spiritual condition, we need a real revival of a return to intercession with fasting and prayer.

    If now every pastor will set apart one day each week for a full day of prayer with fasting for himself and people – as many as would enter into it – no doubt we would see a mighty strengthening of the people of God and a spiritual awakening that would save the nation from terrible doom, and would forward the kingdom of God on earth.