"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

From The Scrapbook of Sarah Foulkes Moore


Revival – What Will It Mean?

By J. H. S.

What will it mean, the coming of Revival,
The Spirit’s quick’ning breath?
It will mean conflict with the powers of evil,
Resistance unto death.

It will mean this – the Cross henceforth thy glory –
Tho’ the world count it shame;
The telling out to all the wondrous story
Of life in Jesus’ Name.

It will mean tithes brought in, and wrongs forgiven,
Each earth-weight laid aside;
And “ditches made” to catch the showers from heaven
For which God’s saints have cried.

It may storm – the skies all black with thunder,
The earth o’erswept by rain;
God’s judgments fall, while men stand still and wonder
Why God must work thro’ pain.

It may mean fire – Self’s idol – priesthood slaying,
God’s dross-consuming flame;
It may mean in the dust our treasure laying –
Our love, our joy, our fame.

If it mean this to thee wilt thou, my brother,
Draw back and say Him nay?
Or wilt thou “lose thy life” to save another,
The Master’s call obey?

For with this meaning cometh God’s unveiling
Of Christ Himself – the Goal;
The Spirit’s working, ’midst all foes assailing,
God-likeness in the soul.

It will mean dew, on the parched lands distilling
At morn and evening hour;
And yielded hearts, for God’s will ever willing,
In His great day of power.

It will mean joy – light o’er the hilltops stealing,
As shadows flee away;
The glory of God’s love to us revealing
The Hope of coming Day!