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The Key To Revival

By Hyman Appelmann

    The key to the salvation of multitudes – the key to Pentecost – is in the hands of God’s people!  The greatest need in our churches today is burdened, brokenhearted Christians.  It is not great preachers.  It is not advertising.  It is not singing.  God can use all these things.

    The greatest need in our churches today is weeping, agonizing, prostrating ourselves in supplication before God.  The need in our churches is ceaseless, day and night, earnest, weeping prayer – for God’s intervening mercies and for a national awakening to righteousness.

    I have never known a revival of any sweeping magnitude that came except that it was swept in by the tears of God’s praying people. What connection there is between tears and God’s grace I do not know.  But this I do know – that when a group of us get brokenhearted enough, so that in an agony of soul we weep out our hearts and say to the Lord – “You must give us a revival or we will die!” – revival will come!

    Are you willing to be stripped of selfish Christianity that takes everything from God and gives nothing?  Are you willing to have it replaced by a heroic, courageous, sacrificial, victorious Christianity?

    May God give us all grace to lay down our lives for Christ – even as He laid down His life for us.