"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

To Be Effective For Revival

    In order for a person to pray, believe and work effectively for revival, the following conditions must be met:

    All sins must be given up.

    He must pray with pure motives.

    He must be willing that God shall use him as He may to aid in the revival.

    He must persist in pleading until he feels that God hears and answers.

    He must make humble confession, and, when in his power, restitution, where he may have wronged others.

    He must be free from an unforgiving spirit.

    He must be willing to do what Christ would under similar circumstances, and seek a reconciliation with any who may have trespassed against him.

    He must be willing to give all the glory to God, not to his prayers, or personal work, or addresses, etc. He who prays for revival on these conditions, will have one in his own heart as quickly as the Spirit of God can speed there on the wires of promises. Then, other conditions being met, it will quickly spread until the whole community is in a blaze with revival glory.