"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

“I Will Keep You In My Prayers”

By Lois J. Stucky

    Was it you who wrote us in your letter, “I will keep you in my prayers?”  How it cheers our hearts to read that!  A hearty thanks to all who write us in these or similar words.  It is encouraging to know you are holding Herald of His Coming ministry before God in prayer. “Keeping in prayer” means you continue, you hold on and do not let go, you persevere.  That seems to us next best to God’s giving His angels charge over us to “keep” or guard us in all our ways (Psa. 91:11), and that is next best to being kept “from falling” (Jude 24) by our Father Himself.

    Friends, will you please make it your aim to keep Herald of His Coming in your prayers along with the many other matters you have on your heart?  All of us fail in our best prayer intentions at times, but let us aim high.  Let us strive to be faithful by the enabling of the Holy Spirit.  We have a blessed example of a God who never fails, but is always faithful.  Our human frailties cause us to look at Him with wonder and great admiration and thankfulness.  Yet He beckons us to come with boldness to Him for grace and mercy, for Christ has opened the way (Heb. 4:14-16).

    In this issue of Herald of His Coming, our burden concerns the millions and millions who worship what is not a true God at all.  We who know and worship the true and living God are blessed beyond measure.  We have also the privilege of being a member of His church, His representatives here on earth.  His church, we are told, is the “pillar and ground of the truth” (1 Tim. 3:15).  The true church is built and is standing on the One who is Truth, and on His Word.  The church has a good foundation.  The church is also as pillars supporting and proclaiming God’s Truths far and wide.

    When we view ruins of ancient buildings of past civilizations, we sometimes see that all has crumbled but the pillars.  The pillars alone stand erect, perhaps still ornate, surviving the ravages of time. In today’s society, many time-honored institutions and offices are crumbling and falling into reproach.  As this takes place all around, the church is to stand as pillars, erect and proclaiming God’s Truth.

    The church is made up of us individual born-again believers.  It is we who are to hold out the Word of Truth and to live it out in our daily lives.  How we need to strive to walk worthy of this high and holy calling!  God forbid that the church would crumble with the world!

    The church is not a building.  In the early days of the church when Paul wrote of it, the church often met in a home.  Some of you overseas readers do not have a church building in which to meet.  Yet you are pillars as much as anyone who does.  It is the individual members of the Body of Christ and the united Body who make up the church.  It is up to each one of us to stand tall in this hour.

    As you pray for Herald of His Coming, ask God to enable us to print faithfully the message He has for us to proclaim.  We want to hold out the Word of Truth – without fear or favor.  Let us pray also for pastors and teachers and evangelists along this line.  The temptation is very great at times to hold back or to tone down.  Who of us could stand true in their position in our own strength?  It requires the holy boldness of the Holy Spirit empowering them to be always true.  Let us stand with them in their desire to give good account of the souls in their care and to hear the Master’s “Well done!”

    We read in Colossians 1:5-6 that “The Word of the Truth of the Gospel… brings forth fruit.”  Pray for much fruit to issue forth from Herald of His Coming.  Thereby is God glorified.  We read also that the Word of God “works effectually” in those who believe (1 Thes. 2:13).  Pray that the reading of the Word will be mixed with faith so it will work effectually among Herald readers.

Enter with Us

    Many doors open to Herald of His Coming, and together we have the privilege of entering with the Word of God. Some of the far-flung opportunities are revealed in a handful of letters here.  For example there are letters from:  a hospital visitor in Kenya; a soldier with the Nigerian Armed Forces on duty in Lebanon; U.S. prisoners in lock-down because of riots; a pastor in Macedonia; a revival church in Berlin; an African studying in Cuba; a pastor in Syria; and a pioneer missionary in the Philippines.

    It is not uncommon to hear from African young people who have come into contact with Herald of His Coming literature at boarding school.  During vacation they scatter to remote village homes.  They are sometimes the only witness and preacher the village has.

    Keep your prayers going up!  God’s Word does not return void.  Our labors are not in vain.  We are helping to bring back the King as we help proclaim the Gospel in all the world.  In Eternity we will not regret the efforts we put forth nor the sacrifices we made for the sake of God’s Kingdom.

    “If I had only realized…,” we sometimes say with deep regret, concerning a missed opportunity.  By disinterest or procrastination we let it slip by and it is forever lost.  When our missed opportunities have to do with eternal souls, it is not only regretful but tragic.  God help us to be awake and alert and active for His Kingdom and the souls for which Christ gave His life. Now – while the opportunities are before us, let us respond with our life, our love, our all!

Praise God!

    ...For the marvelous grace of God that has made us workers together with Him in that which counts for eternity.

    ...For friends who take part with us in this ministry, by sharing of their means and time and efforts that the messages might go forth.

Please Pray!

    ...For the salvation of many Jewish people, with thanksgiving for those who are turning to Christ. Pray that Israel’s leaders will make the decisions which will best further God’s purpose in the Middle East in this crucial hour.

    ...For strength and encouragement and protection for all Herald readers who are living or ministering in places where opposition to the Gospel is strong and sometimes violent.

    ...That God will use this issue of Herald of His Coming to increase faith and prayer in all of us for a hastening of the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

    ...That God will use this issue of Herald of His Coming to call forth more laborers into His harvest field.

    ...That God will give wisdom in all Herald affairs and protection over all the work and workers.