Seek And You Shall Find

By A. B. Earle

    "Resolving at all cost to have God’s presence and power in my ministry, I retired to my room to spend the night in prayer. O, the struggle of that night! Hour after hour I wrestled alone with God. My heart had been full of coldness, and I not aware of it. I repeatedly gave myself to the Saviour, determined not to let the angel depart until my heart was filled and melted with the love of Jesus.

    "Toward morning the victory came. The ice was all broken, melted, and carried away; the warmth and glow of my ‘first love’ filled my heart; the joy of salvation was restored. In the morning I went out, took the unconverted by the hand, and said the same things as on days previous; but now they were melted to tears over their sin and danger."