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The Lord Is Coming – Motive For Personal Holiness

By R. A. Torrey

    Here are two very simple rules for living the Christian life:

    Do not do anything that you would not be glad to have your Lord find you doing if He should come. I have found that one of the simplest rules to satisfy my heart about questions that have perplexed a great many people...I ask myself, "If the Lord should come at this moment, would you like Him to find you doing that?" It is simply wonderful how that clears things up.

    One day a friend of mine was walking up Washington Avenue in Minneapolis thinking about the coming of the Lord. At the same time he was puffing away on a cigar. The thought suddenly came to him, "See here!...How would you like the Lord to come and meet you here with this cigar in your mouth!" That was enough. He took the cigar out of his mouth and threw it into the gutter; and never lighted another. Never do anything you would not be glad for the Lord to find you doing if He should come!

    Never go anywhere that you would not like the Lord to find you if He should come. When I lived in Chicago, I used to get letters from some of the more respectable theatrical managers, telling me that they were putting on some so-called classical play of very high order and suggesting that they would be very much complimented if I would occupy a box at the play. Did I go?

    Well, if that particular thing had not been so clear to me that I did not have to settle it, I would have simply asked myself, "Would you like the Lord to come and find you sitting in a private box at the theater, which the management gave you so they could put in the papers the next day that you were there, and thus encourage somebody else to go?" When the Iroquois Theater burned, among the charred corpses taken out were five ministers of my denomination...For my part I would rather die somewhere else. But it is not death that is held out here; it is the coming of our Lord. I would rather my Lord should find me somewhere else if He should come.

    The motive that is held out here for this readiness is not that of death. It is an infinitely higher motive. THE LORD IS COMING!

    – Reprinted from The Gospel Standard.