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Thy Saints Bless Thee

By Charles H. Spurgeon

    "All Thy works shall praise Thee, O Lord; and Thy saints shall bless Thee" (Psalm 145:10).

    When you and I praise God, there is the element of will, of intelligence, of desire, of intent; and in the saints of God there is another element, namely, that love to Him of reverent gratitude toward Him, and this turns the praise into blessing.

    A certain person is exceedingly skillful in his profession, but he treats you unjustly, and therefore, though you often praise him for his extraordinary performances, you cannot bless him, for you have no cause to do so. I am afraid that there might be such a feeling as that of admiration of God for His great skill, His wonderful power, His extraordinary justness, and yet no warmth of love in the heart toward Him. But in the saints the praise is sweetened with love, and is full of blessing.