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Of One Heart Though Not Of One Opinion

    "I am sick of opinions," declared John Wesley. "Give me a humble, gentle, love of God and man--a man full of mercy and good fruits; without partiality or hypocrisy. Let my soul be with such Christians, wheresoever they are and whatsoever opinion they are of. Whosoever doeth the will of my Father, the same is my brother.

    "How unwilling men are to allow anything good in those who do not in all things agree with themselves. We must not narrow the cause of God to our own beliefs, but rejoice in goodness, wherever it appears.

    "May we not all be of one heart, though not of one opinion? Without doubt we may. There was a time when all Christians were of one mind, as well as of one heart: so great grace was upon them all--that is, when they were first filled with the Holy Spirit."