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Revival To Usher In The Return Of Our Lord

By Herbert Lockyer

    We are on the winning side and God is still on His Throne. The Gospel still has its ancient power. The Lord is able to do great and mighty things, and nothing can hold things in check like a movement of the Spirit of God.

    It was so in the day of John Wesley. There had been the French Revolution, causing that great land to flow freely with human blood, and the influence of that revolution was being felt in England. Things may be bad in England today. They were worse then. The revolution was knocking at the door and God raised up John Wesley. In his "History of English People," Green says that the revival under Wesley saved England from terrible revolution.

    Oh, may God raise up another John Wesley and another D. L. Moody! We need prophets--men who are true to God, who believe in His infallible Word, who have no fear of man, who are fully consecrated to the Lord, and who know what it is to be flung into the heart of the world’s need as flaming heralds of the Cross. Oh, for a mighty revival!

    I may be wrong but it is my conviction that a wonderful revival is to usher in the return of our Lord. I know things are waxing worse and worse, but the seriousness of things in our day does not preclude a revival. God is able to work even alongside of the development of iniquity.

    Is there not the latter rain? And may it not be that when God is travailing in the greatness of His strength and multitudes are in the valley of decision, and the world is being turned upside-down by the preaching of the Word in the power of the Holy Ghost, that the Lord will appear and gather to Himself a tremendous harvest? He is worthy of all and there is much land to be possessed!