"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

May 1998 Issue

Yielded To The Lordship Of Christ
By Stephen F. Olford
Hold Fast True Riches
By Martha S. Nicholson
Consecrate Your All
Dying To Self – Living To God
Indulging Self
He Who Abides Must Also Walk
By Andrew Murray
Except You Abide You Cannot Bear Fruit
By James H. McConkey
Deadly Self-Pity
Christ's Workmanship
Measure Your Life By Obedience
By Wesley L. Duewel
Delighting To Obey God's Word
By J. H. Jowett
God's Good Will
By M. B. Babcock
Praying For One Another *
By Dr. Will Bruce
The High Calling Of Intercession *
By Henry W. Frost
Why Neglect Of Prayer?
By James Gilmour
Pray On!
Don't Let The Fire Burn Out!

By Lois J. Stucky
By Samuel F. Hurnard


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