"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Indulging Self

    "If I were asked to name the chiefest of all my sins, I should say, 'self-indulgence,' because that can cover a multitude of sins, and usually does. I am beginning to see that this can cost one the fruits of one's ministry. Self-indulgence is a luxury with a price too high for one who is in Christ's service.

    But how hard it is to learn to undo the effects of self-pampering. It is very easy to say, 'I don't want to let myself do this thing,' and know all along that you are going to let yourself do it, and ask forgiveness afterward, for sins of both commission and omission."

    Eating too much of certain foods, allowing oneself too much time for the reading of inferior books, or listening to inferior radio or TV programs--these are self-indulgence. In fact, allowing oneself too much time to read good books, or listening to good radio or TV programs may also be self-indulgence if they are not in a definite plan of allowing Christ to be first in all things, directing and guiding how we shall spend our time and on what we shall spend our time.

    Every Christian who is not allowing self to be crucified is indulging self. It is only when one has surrendered to the Lordship of Christ that He can press forward in the full vigor of the Holy Spirit to the accomplishment of the tasks that God has set for each one of us to do in these last days.