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Deadly Self-Pity

    It is easy to pity ourselves. Probably we have all done it at one time or another, but it is a poisonous indulgence. A Christian woman of keen spiritual insight, writing of the troubles that may come to us by God's direction or permission, says,

    "We may be sure God makes no mistakes when He permits these. But when we allow such to invoke self-pity, that is a deadly trouble. Being self-inflicted it is sin, and never can be God's will. Indulgence in it distorts the vision, throwing everything out of focus, depletes one's own physical and mental vitality, and poisons the atmosphere for others. It is said, 'God Himself cannot comfort an exaggerated sorrow,' and so it is with self-pity. It is a canker which, before His healing and comfort can flow in, the Surgeon, the Holy Spirit, must be allowed to cut out."