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“Make Me A Lover Of Souls”

By Lois J. Stucky

    Perhaps the topic of this month’s Herald of His Coming has not appealed to you and you have done little more than glance through the articles and are ready to lay it aside.  Please reconsider, if so.  Let God stir your heart with the need there is for YOU as a Christian to help bring in the harvest.  With longing heart Jesus told His disciples:  “The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few” (Matt. 9:37).  God has need of YOU in the harvest field!

    If we feel disinterest or reluctance, probably a good place for us to go is to our knees.  Only God can make us a lover of souls. If we repent of past and present failure and a lack of love for souls, if we ask Him to help us have more love for that which is on His heart, if we ask Him to fill us afresh with the Holy Spirit so we have the power and zeal that we need, do you not think He will help us?

    John R. Rice makes the significant statement that a majority of Christians become Christians before they are 14 years old. That tells us where there is a field that is ripe and ready for harvest.  Can you not become a harvester among children and young people?

    Children’s hearts are tender and accepting of what they are taught.  But so carefully that tender spirit needs to be guarded from the ugliness and violence that is invading even the children’s world of play and learning.  An experienced child evangelism worker said it is noticeable that the age at which children are less open to receive Christ, is younger than it used to be.

    Let us win them and keep them for Jesus!  Their hearts will soon be captured by things of this world if Christ is not enthroned in their hearts.  But devoted to Christ, there are among them those who in enthusiasm will soon be praying all-the-way-with-God prayers.  In their immaturity they do not fully comprehend what that might mean, but God takes them seriously.  His wise and loving heart will gently lead them along, opening this door, closing another.

    It is young people of this caliber who today are placing themselves at God’s disposal to go to hard places of the earth and witness for Him.  We are all aware of the Christian organizations made up mostly of dedicated young people.  Their zeal has taken them to the uttermost parts of the earth.  There may be mistakes along the way, but how dear to God’s heart are these who for love of Him are going and telling the glad story of Jesus and His love!  And how their eager love for Jesus sometimes puts to shame the cool, calculating considerations of us who have been longer on the way.

    I read an account of a group of young people who developed a hunger for more of God when they learned that God was sending revival to college students.  The young people were seeking God to move in their hearts.  The adult leader called them to the kitchen of the home where they were meeting to enjoy refreshments.  They turned down the invitation that they might continue seeking God.  As the days went on, they experienced precious movings of God in their midst.

    Might none of us have to look back to days of our youth to find those times when our hearts were hungry and seeking, when the “breath of Calvary” melted our hearts with loving desires toward God, when we could weep over lost friends and family.

    “Make me a lover of souls, dear Lord, make me a lover of souls…”  That is a song that goes back to my youthful days, maybe to yours also.  God help us all lest the cares of this life, or personal ambitions, or love of the world steal away the love for souls as the years pass by.  Let us repent if our hearts are smitten.