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The True Minister Of God

    The trumpeter has his place in the Church of Christ.  The trumpeter is the true minister of God, sent to warn the people and save the nation.  We today must therefore have a warning ministry. But we seem to fear such an instrumentality.  We prefer the lute to the trumpet.  We like to hear the harp rather than the ringing blast that calls men to arms, or wakens them in the night--to tell them there is danger in the wind.  Let us pray that our ministers may be men who are not afraid to be up all night, watching unto prayer, ready to sound the alarm on the approach of the foe.  Genteel efforts, and polite endeavors will never originate the kind of spiritual awakening and moral renewal this nation needs, nor sustain it if begun. 

    Call aloud then!  Warn the people of impending judgment!  Open the churches and homes to day and night prayer, and call the people to repentance!

    – Author Unknown.