"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

O God, Glow In Us!

By G. Showalter and F. Cox

    O Thou who filleth all in all, come into the inmost nature of our being and take up Thy abode. Enter our barren and desolate heart and adorn us within and without with the beauty of holiness. Drive every idol from our heart and bring into subjection every thought and impulse of our rebellious nature.

    O Thou King of kings, take up Thy throne within us to rule and to reign till every enemy is subdued. Fill us with Thyself. Endow us with the spirit of reverence, of devotion, and of a deeper appreciation of the eternal values. May the light of Thy love glow in our heart and the sacredness of Thy truth be enshrined in our soul.

    Grant, dear Father, that the temple of our body may not be left unto us desolate. Be Thou over us to protect, in us to purify, and through us to unite us to our brethren and to Thee. May Thy thoughts be our thoughts, and Thy ways our ways. Redeem us from the fall and lift us to Thyself. In the name of Christ. Amen.